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Featured News from 2021

13-17 December 2021: Ninth Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC/COSP9), Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. More information is on the website of UN Office of Drugs and Crime. Recordings of some of the Special Events are available HERE

13 December 13:00 (UTC): Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Health Care: Why do we speak so little about them? Organised by the Faith and Public Integrity Network. Link to watch the one hour recording of the webinar HERE.

9 December 2021, 9am--11am (New York Time): Integrity: Fighting the Evil of Corruption. Organized by the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network (GIN), Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Association--Update--Presentations available on the GIN website HERE.

21 August 2021: Anti-Corruption: Perspectives and Practices (9am–11am, New York Time)
Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network, Lausanne-WEA.

2-4 June 2021: United Nations General Assembly Special Session Against Corruption: "Challenges and measures to prevent and combat corruption and strengthen international cooperation" (10:00-13:00 and 15:18:00 EST, everyday; livestreamed and archived on UN Web TV). Also: watch the 80 minute High-Level Supporting Event with Civil Society and UN presenters, 3 June 13:30-15:00: Addressing Corruption in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Livestreamed on UN Web TV and video archived HERE. Also note the Political Declaration was unanimously adopted on day one (18 pages; note "integrity" is included 19 times): "Our common commitment to effectively addressing challenges and implementing measures to prevent and combat corruption and strengthen international cooperation."

“The special session will provide an opportunity to galvanize the political will of governments and the international community as a whole in advancing the fight against corruption. Governments will be able to take stock of global efforts and commitments and identify solutions to common challenges in preventing and combating corruption. The special session will also contribute to driving forward the efforts of countries to fully and effectively implement the Convention, including by, inter alia, sharing best practices and lessons learned." (excerpt from website)

"Corruption threatens the stability and security of societies, undermines public trust and institutions, and jeopardizes sustainable development. It distorts markets, stifles economic growth and diverts funds from public services. While corruption is a global phenomenon, evidence shows that it has a disproportionate impact on certain demographics, in particular poorer communities and the most vulnerable persons. Corrupt practices have a particularly adverse impact on the lives of women, socially, politically and economically, contributing to gender disparity gap.” (excerpt from website)

1 May 2021: When the Best Is Corrupt--Strategies for Living in Integrity. A special two hour conference online, organized by the Lausanne-WEA Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network. The three main presentations: Living a Life of Integrity, Practicing Integrity in the Church, and Promoting Integrity in Society. Video presentations, power points and conference materials HERE.

30 March 2021: Anti-Corruption Collective Actions, What Have We Learned? Lessons from the Ground (scroll down in the link to access the video of the 90 minute session/panelists). Civil Society Policy Forum, World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, Spring Meetings 2021. "Session abstract: Since the launch of the World Bank guidelines in 2008, a myriad of CSOs has engaged in facilitating anticorruption collective actions. This session brings specialists from 4 countries who have hands-on experience to discuss the challenges of putting these guidelines into practice."

February 2021: Covid Care: Reflections and Resources for Wellbeing. Global Integration Update. "Like it or not, pandemics, like most crises, bring out people's best selves or their worse selves--our selfless and our selfish qualities. The reality of the uncertainties and anxieties of life, and indeed survival--existential risk--is heavy upon the world. Positively, the current COVID-19 pandemic certainly provides plenty of opportunities for us all--individually and collectively--to reflect on the types of people we want to be, the types of societies we need to build, and the types of changes we have to make. Courage and choice can not be conquered by corona...We also note that the many overlapping problems in our world continue unabated--pandemics themselves--even as this covid pandemic dominates the center stage globally: multi-dimensional poverty, protracted violence, conflicts, forced migration, human rights violations, gross inequalities, racism, mental ill health, environmental degradation, corruption, etc. (for example, review 10 Humanitarian Crises and Trends to Watch in 2021, New Humanitarian). This is the ongoing, cascading context which challenges us daily as we seek to practically support the wellbeing of all persons, all peoples, and the planet." (excerpt)

9 December 2020: This day is designated by the United Nations as both International Anti-Corruption Day and International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of Victims of the Crime of Genocide and the Prevention of this Crime.

19th international Anti-Corruption Conference, 30 November-5 December 2020. Two suggestions:

--Opening Plenary (minute 4 through minute 16) including the 10 minute address from former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He concludes: “With a transformative global vision, you can help realize justice and integrity for all…Let us work together to make this world better for all where nobody is left behind. I count on your leadership and strong commitment.”

--Plenary 4: Breaking Vicious Cycles of Dirty Money and Impunity. Watching the entire plenary, including the Q and A, is well worth it. 90 minutes.

December 2020: Genocide: Bearing Witness…"We can’t just Pontius Pilate 800,000 people.”
Global Integration Update, Member Care Associates.